Hii The Names James Lee, yes i said it James Lee. So i would go really hard on this little about me because i've had Tumblr for a while and i didn't do this section, so im attempting to do that now, as we speak ! LOL, but yes.......
I am a incoming second year, at the University of California, San Diego. I am a Human Development Major, Double Majoring in Ethnic Studies, and Double Minoring in Theatre & Dance....
I am a very different character, i have so many personalities, but ALL in ALL i am a pretty nice person, i love to Dance, its actually my Passion, like dancing is more than movement to me, its body, mind, and soul physical connection between you and your body. ..
Yeah so that's a little but about me...i love theatre as well, just to able to transform yourself, yoru identity & personality and physical manorism's is extememly amazing to
I am i Cancer, so yes i am very out going, yet very sensitive & sometimes i can really be over sensitive and it can seem annoying but i only do it because really love and care for the people i call my friends & family.
Yes, i am African American man, who attracted to other Men, an yes i do not label my self with the word GAY (although i am) i will not allow a word to represent the entirety of my being.and i will not allow any man nor women to be the first thing they see me as, i am more than the next gay boy you may see me as, i am that intellectual, punctual, charming talented young MAN!
TO WARN SOME OF YOU LADIES & blog may seem a little gay and pornographic (although that's changing soon) i will be reconstructing my blog so please be patient with me i do have i really nice blog!

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3:33 AM
February 22nd, 2012
Burn that shitt

Burn that shitt

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